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From: Dr. Simon Marmier

Re: Solving Your Insomnia And Sleep Deprivation Problem

Dear Frustrated Insomniac,

new-3d-coverLet me ask you a question...Do you lie awake at night for no reason at all? Watching TV, reading, surfing the NET – every night? You’ve counted sheep so many times that even they fall asleep before you do?

Don’t tell me -- You’ve tried milk, prescription sleep aids, natural sleep aids, hypnosis, exercise, yoga… and here you are again…and that’s the GOOD NEWS – to be able to do things while everyone sleeps.

The Bad News Is…

During the day you are constantly feeling tired, unfocused, and lack energy because you rarely get a good night's sleep. These are signs of sleep deprivation.

If you have them you are like so many of my patients before they started using my incredible method that you’re about to learn.

No doubt about it, if you’re here you’ve been making some very common mistakes that are literally draining the life out of you and tapping your energy level every single day.

Worse yet, these mistakes are hazardous to your health.

You see, a sleep disorder, such as insomnia, will have tremendous health consequences, it lowers your immune system, which in turn makes you more prone to having diseases.

Not only that, but during a particular stage of sleep called Deep Sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone, which allows your tissues to regenerate and your body to rebuilt itself.

If you don't enter Deep Sleep, you do not produce enough Growth Hormone, and your body, instead of rebuilding itself will actually breakdown faster! Did any of your treatments help your sleeping problem? Did any of them work at all?

If you’ve had sleep deprivation symptoms or have been diagnosed with insomnia, you know that the pills and drugs don’t give you the sleep your body craves, because they tend to leave you feeling groggy all day.

Now, how would you like to be able to:

  • Fall asleep faster?
  • Stay asleep through the entire night?
  • Wake up every morning with more energy than you've ever had?
  • Go through the day like a normal person without feeling the need to go lie down and rest?
  • Simply end this frustrating insomnia problem that's ruining your entire personal, family and social life?
  • Basically you just want to be normal and sleep through the night without having to think about it

Let me tell you a secret: You can do all that! Let me show you how.

There is no reason why you should spend the rest of your life as a sleep deprived insomniac. You don't have to toss and turn all night and wake up as if a truck had ran you over.

Because there are a few, very simple and easy to apply natural methods to repair your sleep, restore your internal clock so it functions like a swiss watch, and allow you to live a normal life.

Because Let's Face It: NOBODY Likes To Be Sleepless!

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating to any human being than to stare at the time ticking by all night without being able to fall asleep knowing how tired you will be in the morning.

Listen if you are suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation, you are putting your health at serious risk. But you don't have to go on like that!

Does this sound like you?

  • You can't fall asleep
  • You toss and turn all night without being able to find sleep
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep
  • You lie in bed with your brain racing, thinking about this and that and you just can't shut it off
  • You wake up as if you had only slept for 5 minutes
  • You go through the day in a zombie like state

You don't have to go on like that, you can make simple changes and solve all these problems in a matter of days!

How You Can Start Sleeping Through The Night And Kick Your Insomnia Goodbye

Over the years I have gathered an incredible amount of information on sleep, some, closely held secrets that I wanted to pass on.

The problem was that I had such a busy practice that I couldn't afford to spend hours with each individual patient.

I locked myself in my room and read, researched, explored and experienced everything and anything related to insomnia, natural sleep aids, sleep deprivation treatments and sleep disorder symptoms.

Not only did I listen to my clients, I went to my friends and colleagues and talked and researched the topic with them as well.

A lot of them didn’t want to do it. “Are you crazy?” they said, “I’ve got more important illnesses to attend to.” You’d be surprised how little doctors know about insomnia -- or care.

But I cajoled and finally wheedled it out of the ones who did know.

I went over this data thousands of times, researching, reading - working with my patients - over the course of several years until I finally felt confident and satisfied with the results.

Then I implemented each particular mechanism of a natural sleep, one at a time, refining and improving it. Over time I gathered more simple but effective tools to do the same thing...until it became like a cake recipe.

A cake recipe takes no imagination or thinking. You add the ingredients in the exact quantity called for, set the thermostat for the exact amount of degrees for the specified time and you get a delicious cake each and every time.

And it wasn’t long before I got a delicious cake. I not only helped my own patients across the board, but oftentimes I was doing it with only one or two strategies.

My patients found their own natural, internal sleep patterns overnight.

And what was sweet for me was: Soon, they did it for themselves with less work and less stress, naturally, the very first time they tried it.

For the first time I had unleashed a professional program custom made for people suffering from insomnia that provided them with education, coaching, and guidance on building a successful internal sleep system, with simple, step by step techniques.

“Thank you, so much, Doctor,” they said, almost without exception.

Using a single one of these techniques before bedtime will instantly lull you to sleep.

NOTE: There is no way that you will ever need to use ALL of these proven methodologies.

So I decided to put it all in writing and create a book, or a sleep manual, if you will. That way I could just give the book to the patient, they could read it on their own and it would be just like having me next to them teaching them about sleep and how to go about transforming their insomnia into a deep restorative sleep.

That way everybody could benefit from it and I wouldn't be limited by time.

Well, now you know how this internal sleep system became the genesis for "Underground Sleep Secrets" that has helped hundreds of people suffering from sleep deprivation.

It is interesting to note here that these people went on to experience normal, healthy, deep sleep from that point on.

There truly is no better natural method that adjusts the internal sleep system for people who have lost it than "Underground Sleep Secret."

Yes, a small, limited number of lucky, sleep-deprived people – one of whom could be YOU – are going to get the most powerful sleep restoration program ever invented for sleep deprived individuals, especially FOR YOU.

This system is connect-the-dots easy. And there are no outrageous promises here except that it actually works.

Here Is What You Get

  • How to fall asleep fast
  • The 30 second trick to beat morning tiredness (never spend more than 3 minutes to be completely awake)
  • The 1 thing every insomniac must know about light (ignore this and you'll probably remain an insomniac... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!)
  • How to determine exactly how many hours you need to sleep (HINT: It's not about sleeping more)
  • Sane strategies to kick your stress out the window
  • 5 fun and easy ways to shut down your brain and stop thinking in bed (HINT: No it doesn't involved getting trashed)
  • The 3 secret bedroom conditions you must take control over if you want to sleep through the night
  • Everything you need to know about naps: Why you should nap, how naps can be your best friend or completely destroy your sleep patterns, and how to use them to YOUR benefit
  • What you must do to stay asleep through the entire night; fail to do this and you are sure to wake up EVERY NIGHT!
  • How to overcome the frustration of "ceiling staring" in under 30 seconds
  • Discover the 5 biggest sleep killers and how to get rid of them (HINT: Most people are under "the influence" of at least 1 if not all 5 of them on a daily basis)
  • All you need to know about sleep ergonomics: simple and easy steps to modify your habits so your bed takes you on a ride to dream land EVERY NIGHT
  • All you ever wanted to know about using pillow
  • Little known secrets to picking the right mattress for you (HINT: 99% of people always forget 1 important thing)
  • The secret truth about sleep positions and picking the one so you can stay sound asleep
  • How to easily train your brain so you literally fall asleep as soon as your head touches your pillow
  • Simple and easy steps to finally end the frustration of not being able to sleep through the night
  • Simple solutions to breaking the "I can't sleep" pattern
  • The one natural supplement that can totally end your insomnia problem TONIGHT (HINT: I've used this with countless patients and they've gotten more positive results in 24 hours than they had in 10 years using their sleeping pills)
  • 5 other little known yet powerful natural supplement anyone can use to get started on their new sleep life

But Wait There Is More

  • The most widely accepted sleep myths in the world... that actually causes more insomnia and sleep deprivation. If you are like most people you are probably doing this every day. Stop it and watch your sleep problem disappear into thin air, and your energy level shoot through the roof
  • The single easiest and most powerful way to balance your internal clock so that you get the most benefits of sleep and wake up with more energy than ever before
  • Why changing the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up by as little as 15 minutes can put an end to your mid-night waking up problems, and allow you to wake up like a new person
  • How to get rid of your alarm clock and have your body gently wake up at the very same time day after day
  • The dirty truth about sleeping pills that most doctors don't tell you about and that drugs companies don't want you to know
  • How and why the use of sleeping pills causes more problems than it solves
  • Using exercise to your advantage to trigger your body to release the main sleep regulating hormone (HINT: Do this at the wrong time and you might as well try to fall sleep at a live death metal concert)
  • The 3 minute method to totally relax your body from head to toes so you can fall and stay asleep easier than ever before


    You Can't Afford Not To Try This Method

    Want to hear something funny? Almost without exception the people who come to me say, literally, “Doctor, I’d give anything for a good night’s sleep,” and believe me, I believe them.

    Naturally, after a couple of nights of deep, restful sleep their attitude changes…

    In many ways this is the most important story that you will ever read. This is a story of how your health, and of how you can turn your life around.

    If you don’t make lifestyle changes now you WILL suffer the consequences. And those consequences are disastrous, check this out:

    • Memory problems
    • Chronic pain
    • Attention problems
    • Poor motor responses to stimuli
    • Difficulty controlling emotions, mood swings
    • Increased risk of motor vehicle accident
    • Increased risks of certain diseases
    • Depression
    • Irritability
    • Increased risk of work related accidents
    • Decreased work performance
    • Social problems, marital problems
    • Lowered immune system

    Who Wants To Live Like That? You? Really?

    Stop spending money on products that don't work. Our program does! And it's affordable.

    I could easily sell this for many hundreds of dollars, because that's probably how much it would cost you if I had to teach you all the information in this book one-on-one.

    But with the internet and electronic products and instant download I am able to offer you all this information at a fraction of the price. That's right, you're not going pay anything near a hundred dollars for all this.

    In fact I am going to offer it to you for a price you can't even resist if you are serious about solving you insomnia problem.

    Heck At This Price Even The Curious Can Afford It:

    ONLY $ 29.99


    BONUS 1: The 1 Minute Method To Relax Your Body From Scalp To Toes (AUDIO)

    How would you like to be able to completely relax every muscle in your body in under 1 minute? It's totally possible.

    It is well documented that it is much harder to fall and stay asleep when your body stressed and tensed. But now you don't have to deal with that.

    Just do this simple exercise when you get in bed, and enjoy a relaxed body, ready to go to sleep.

    In this audio presentation I will personally guide you through a relaxation method that is so simple to do even a monkey could do it!

    You can even use this anytime you feel stressed or tensed, before an interview, before a date or what ever, and you can just feel the tension completely melt away.

    Worth $14.99 - Yours For FREE

    BONUS 2: Mind-Body Reconnection Breathing Technique (AUDIO)

    A breakthrough breathing technique to synch your brain with your body, allow optimal nervous system function, gain energy, and de-stress even people who are chronically stressed in a matter of minutes.

    In this audio program I will guide you through a secret breathing technique that uses specific body anchor points to re-establish the proper connection between the brain and the body and induce an incredible feeling of peace, calmness and relaxation.

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